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Business English

Get talking!

My corporate language training conveniently takes place in-house, on your company premises. This saves you valuable time and enables me to get to know your core business quickly. My aim is to create an open and lively learning environment, where all participants feel confident speaking English. After a needs analysis and an oral placement test, your targets will be set and a course programme customised for your corporate needs. Whether your goal is simply to get talking or to negotiate a deal, each step along the way is an achievement.

Small groups of around 2–6 participants are recommended, with 90-minute to two- hour sessions once or twice weekly.

To practice all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) real-life situations such as telephone calls, meetings and negotiations are simulated. Listening comprehension, grammar, idioms, vocabulary and conversation are all practiced using examples from your everyday business. A range of current materials, industry magazines, podcasts, DVDs and a modern course book are used as a basis for regular training. Written and spoken tasks are designed for you to make solid and long-lasting progress in your international business communication.


It may be that regular training doesn’t fit into your schedule, but you need to brush up your English before an international trade fair or a key conference. Perhaps you need to prepare for an upcoming business trip abroad, or you’d like to spend a weekend improving your telephoning skills. If this is the case, a workshop could be an ideal option. Tailored content-based or skills-based workshops can be arranged from a three-hour session upwards.

Individual coaching

Language coaching supports individuals who need to work intensively on specific goals or to prepare for new challenges. By playing the role of your ‘sparring partner’ I will assist you in building and honing your skills – for example being persuasive in discussions, expressing your opinion clearly, chairing meetings or negotiating effectively.