In-house corporate training – get talking!

My corporate language training conveniently takes place in-house, on your company premises. This saves you valuable time and enables me to get to know your core business quickly.

Key elements of my programme

  • Introducing your company, stakeholders and organisational structure
  • Describing your business, products, services or methods
  • Discussing current industry issues
  • Participating in and chairing meetings
  • Holding presentations
  • Socialising in English
  • Taking care of international guests
  • Telephoning and correspondence
  • Purchasing and sales
  • Managing appointments
  • Negotiating

The structure of my course

To practice all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) real-life situations such as telephone calls, meetings and negotiations are simulated.

Regular groups and workshops

Small groups of around 2–6 participants are recommended, with 90-minute to two-hour sessions once or twice weekly. Workshops of 3 or 6 hours can also be organised for specific content, for example:

  • Preparing for a business trip or trade fair
  • Small-talk and intercultural communication
  • Holding telephone and video conferences
  • Writing effective emails

Online Training

The need to adapt to socially-distanced learning or working from home from March 2020 presented an unforeseen opportunity. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Teams suddenly replaced the conference room and colleagues could continue their training and conversations together, on screen. These platforms are an excellent and effective tool for communicating in English and work best with a maximum of five active participants. As well as providing the digital forum for discussion and presentation of materials, online training is a perfect opportunity to practice telephone and video conferences in English.